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This primary goal of this website is to act as a repository for on-line resources that can be used for plant science education or outreach. If you have developed a resource that could be used for this purpose or you know a webpage that needs to be included here, please feel free to email us.

Plant science web directories
  1. UN Lincoln AgNIC - A comprehensive searchable list of plant science websites
  2. kid friendly version of the above resource
  3. Scott's botanical list - very comprehensive categorised collection of plant science websites
  4. Botany directory listings
  5. Google
Plant species databases 
Comprehensive databases
  1. USDA Plants Database - Search for information about a plant species of your choice or plant species in your state and more...
  2. Neoflora - [DEAD LINK!] Claims to be the world's largest plant database
  3. Dave's Garden - Look up information about a plant species of choice (has links to commerical seed vendors)
  4. UConn Plant database - Search for plant species with traits you like (e.g. evergreen shrub with yellow flowers)
  5. Database of plant databases - Search for plant databases by name or content
  6. USDA Forest service plant database - Search for information about a plant species of choice by name or trait
  7. International plant names index - Search and download plant information in different formats
  8. TROPICOS - A plant information database from the Missouri Botanical Garden
Specialized databases
  1. Crop database - an alphabetic list of crop plants and information about them
  2. Plant Care - Database of indoor plants and information on plant care
  3. Conifers - Database of gymnosperms (non flowering plants)
  4. Carnivorous plants - Database of carnivorous plants by International Carnivorous Plants Society
  5. Poisonous plants - List of poisonous plants and symptoms from Cornell University
  6. Tropical plants - List of tropical plants (The Amazon plants)
  7. Plants for a future - Search information about useful plants by name or use (informative, but no images)
  8. Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical databases - Searchable databases to identify plants producing phytochemicals having specific activities (e.g. anti cancer compounds, antioxidants)
Native / invasive plant databases
United States
  1. Plant species in your state - Arizona (in progress) - California - Florida - Illinois - Iowa - Maine - Michigan - Minnesota - Oklahoma - Oregan - South Carolina - Texas - Washington -  Wisconsin 
  2. List of state native plant societies (Thanks to South Carolina native plant society)
  3. Invasive plant species - USDA list of invasive plant databases
  4. Invasive plant species of the United States - from New York Botanical Garden
  1. Native plants of Canada - Listings by province
  2. Invasive species of Canada - search for invasive species in Canada 
  1. Global invasive species database - Search by country and/or type of life form
  2. Australian Network for Plant Conservation - Native plant species of Australia
Weed Identification guides
  1. Poison Ivy, Summac and Oak
  2. Facts, Pictures and info (by Jim Dunphy) - user submitted pictures and identification
  3. Medicinenet - Identification and remedies
  4. - Seasonal images, Identification poster and control services
  5. UFL's extension page - diagrams and descriptions of all three plants
  6. Bay Area Medical Information - pictures and info on all three plants
Herbaria and Institutes

  1. Herbaria directory - Searchable directory from the New York botanical gardens (The search engine is not very friendly; e.g. recognises 'U.S.A', but not 'USA').
  2. Internet Directory for Botany - List of botanical gardens and arboreta
  3. Additional directories
    1. Google
  4. Careers in plant science
  5. ASPB job bank - Job database and career discussion from the American Society of Plant Biologists
  6. Careers in botany - Plant science career advise from the Botanical Society of America
  7. Research careers in plant science -  A nice article from Science magazine's career resources
  8. Careers in Plant Pathology - Know about becoming an expert on plant disease
  1. Teaching resources 
  1. Plants for kids - A list of websites providing information about plant science; aimed at kids
  2. SAPS - Science and Plants for Schools; initiative between scientists and teachers to improve plant science education
  3. Scholastic - Books about plants
  4. MN Dept of Natural resources - Activities for teaching plant science
  5. Teachnology - Plant science themes
  6. Education World - Teaching plant science
  7. Proteacher - Plant science teaching activity ideas
  8. Teacher's guide - Plant flowers
  9. Boring botany - How to make botany interesting to students?
  10. Songs for teaching - A song about plants and animals
  11. emints - List of useful plant science teaching resources on the internet 
  12. Mad Scientist Network - Teachers/Students can ask questions about science
  13. ASPB Education foundation -  List of resources including some excellent radio shows and podcasts
  14. Virtual herbarium (CSU, Aus) - Nice resource to learn leaf structure, has pictures of different types of leaves
  15. Supermarket botany - nice teaching resource to help teach plant parts. incl. work sheets as well.
  16. Ticklemeplant - Buy gift packs of 'tickleme' plant (Mimosa pudica).
  17. UC, Davis - SEED curriculum for grade school
  18. Plant Biology for kids - nice list of plant biology resources aimed at kids (suggested by a Fourth grade student)
  19. Serenata Flowers - Guide to Pollination
Science Fair Projects
  1. USDA - Agriculture science fair projects
  2. Discovery Education - List of plant science fair ideas
  3. - includes additional links as well
  4. Few additional sites: Crystal clear All science fair projects - AgClassroom
  5. Science Buddies - Includes information about how to design a project
Undergraduate Education
  1. National Biological Information Infrastructure - List of categorised teaching resources for botany (check links on the left side)
  2. Botany on-line - Internet text book of botany (covers a range of topics)
  3. UCLA general botany - Website detailing plant structures; has many sublinks and pictures
  4. Seed biology - all about seeds: structure, physiology and processes
  5. Botanical Society of America - Tips on teaching plant science
  6. Misconceptions to avoid while teaching botany - Article 1Article 2
  7. Newsgroup - Bionet newsgroup about plant science education
  8. American Journal of botany - Teaching plant science in the 21st century (Richards and Lee 2002)
  9. TIEE - teaching issues and experiments in ecology
  10. Classical Genetics Simulator - simulates genetics inheritance including linkage over generations; customizable teaching tool.
  11. Virtual crops (UC, Davis) - Anatomy and other info for tomato, rice, cotton and grapes
Arabidopsis teaching resources
  1. PREP (Virginia Tech) - Online lab notebook, promotes communication between scientists and high school techers, students
  2. Greenomes - Lab and bioinformatics exercises that introduce genetics and genome to students 
  3. - List of useful Arabidopsis teaching resources 
  4. Enhancer trap lines - Different tissue-specific expression patterns useful for teaching (Geisler et al. 2002. Plant Physiology)
  5. efp browser - Pictographic representation of gene expression data for Arabidopsis
  6. Lehle  seeds - Arabidopsis/plant biology teaching resources
  7.  Seeds for teaching - LehleNASC
Gardening/Urban plants
  1. Garden forever - Resource website for gardening related information
  2. Serenata Flowers - Plants and Gardening for kids
  3. Community Forestry - A resource from Cornell Univ to help communities manage their urban trees
  1. Plant images - An organized collection of plant images from the Botanical Society of America
  2. Noble foundation plant image gallery - searchable collection of images of plants and plant cells
  3. Plant facts - collection of images searchable by keyword 
  4. Floral images - a collection of flowers in North-Western Europe, particularly the British Isles 
  5. Plant pictures - collection of plant images catergorised by families (mostly native wild plants)
  6.  Plant image databases - Long list of plant image databases (some links are outdated/slow) 
  7. Image Bank - another list of plant image databases
  8. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy - Nice collection of micrographs of plants (strictly requires written permission before use even for educational purposes)
  9. Science Photo Library - Plant science related images searchable based on country
  10. FotoSearch - A collection of searchable images (includes lots of non-scientific images which may be useful for a presentation)
  11. CanStockPhoto - offers professional royalty free stock images starting at $1. might require free membership for lower price.
  12. Flowerinfo - beautiful pictures of a number of flowers and background information about flower types/groups.
  13. ArtPlantae Today - Information on plant art, events etc. Companion website (ArtPlantae Books)
  14. Cells - a collection of high resolution images of plant cells and organelles from the Danforth Plant Science Center
  1. Plants in motion - a collection of video recordings of plant movements
  2. PBS teacher source - Collection of videos and techer guides (Select age category and subject to see the list of materials)
  3. Library video - a collection of plant science videos for purchase (different choices available for different age groups/purpose)
  4. Stock photography - collection of plant videos
  1. Wisconsin on-line - collection of learning objecs (animations) that can be used for teaching (requires free registration and permission to use)
  2. U Alberta Instructional multimedia - Animations about botany, cell biology, genetics, microbiology etc.
  3. Educypedia - A long list of links to biology animations
  4. Virtual plants - a neat resource from INRA, France and Univ of Queensland; has plant animations
  5. Library of crop technology - some neat animated lessons on plant biology
  6. Science animations - List of science animations useful for teaching (incl. plant biology)
  7. Cells alive - a collection of interactive images, animations and videos of cells and microbes (includes a plant cell too)
  8. Wiley Interscience - Interactive animations about cells
  9. Science Learning Network - List of useful science learning links
  10. Life cycle - Animations about life cycles of different organisms 
  11. Edumedia - A few nice plant animations (free light version; full version needs subscription)
  12. Micrometeorology - Animations about plant water relations
  13. Science Optics - Zoom in from space to the nucleus of a carbon atom in the DNA of an oak tree's epidermal cell in Florida! (Cool?)
  1. Planet Biotech - a suite of three interactive games to learn about plant biotechnology (under development)
  2. Ecokids - A few games about plants and ecology
  3. Bet on the farm - Try virtual farming in Ohio, manage a farm and see how you fare!
  4. Simfarm - manage a farm with crops and animals (from the makers of simcity)
  5. JC-schools - a collection of games and teaching materials from various sources about plants
  6. Wild kids - fun discovery about nature (UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)
  7. picadome - Collection of educational activities and games about plants
  8. Primary games - Few word and puzzle games about plants


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